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Professionally Denis has a background in education and the arts. He has studied and still teaches in several colleges in the north of England. He has been an exhibiting artist for many years and has several exhibitions running currently. He has been instrumental in the launching of art galleries offering a platform to establish artists fresh out of college. His interest in cloud formation and astral landscapes formed the foundation of his MA from Sunderland University. This later led to a fascination with the faces and characters which form the musical culture of British society, with its origins founded in the folk tradition of social commentary. The charm of these characters is to be found in both their quaint character and their down to earth honesty. This study is still a work in progress for Denis and it has led him to folk clubs, jazz clubs, rock pubs and festivals to gather a broad spectrum of material for the public to browse and appreciate long after the occasion has passed into memory. This is the nature of photography, the recording of a moment in time for posterity.